Now Reading: The Next 100 Years – George Friedman

Phew, I’m not going to lie: this book was a bit of a mission. Even though it’s only about 250 pages (some with pictures of maps) it took a disproportionately long time to get through. It was interesting though, just a tad on the academic side.

That said, if you’re passionate about international relations and the future, then this is the book for you. I don’t own the copy I read but I wish I did since it would be a good one to keep and look back on in 20 years to see how his predictions are playing out.

About those predictions. Basically there with be lasers in space, the militarization of the moon, a third world war with Turkey and Japan taking on the US and Poland, a collapse in Russia, and a rise of Mexican power. There, now you don’t have to read it anyway!

Overall: 6.5/10


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