Her Fearful Symmetry – Audrey Niffenegger

The Time Traveler’s Wife (Niffenegger’s first book) is one of my all time favourites so I had some high expectations going into this one. I have to say it really didn’t meet them at all. It’s about American twins inheriting their aunt’s flat in London, and them going to live there for a year with the quirky neighbours. The aunt they inherit it from also haunts the flat.

I don’t have an issue suspending belief for a book if it’s done well (like in Time Traveler’s or Harry Potter), so weirdness is not the issue, but this book just seemed a bit, well, stupid I guess. The characters weren’t even that great so you didn’t really care that much what happened one way or another, but then what ends up happening is just so ridiculous I couldn’t really believe I’d just wasted all the time reading what had led up to it.

The writing is still good, but even if I wasn’t comparing this to her first book I’d still think it was pretty average. There are a lot better things out there to read.

Overall: 5/10


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